Hockey Fans in the Stands

Our Goal

Nationally, Kids Up Front has a goal of 75,000 tickets in 3 years. Locally, Edmonton has a goal of 6,600 tickets this year, with 1,516 of them already distributed.

Tickets raised:

Hockey Fans in the Stands is the hockey portion of Kids Up Front’s “Tix for Kids” program and has a purpose of filling seats at hockey games with as many new fans as possible. Across Canada, deserving children and youth and their families will get to experience “more than a ticket” at a hockey game, giving them the opportunity to cheer on their hockey heroes, many for the very first time – engaging and enriching the lives of vulnerable kids from coast to coast.

Hockey Fans in the Stands is a program that facilities the inclusion of deserving children, youth, and their families at hockey games. Children and youth are engaged and educated in hockey by giving them a seat in the action through the distribution of tickets and the creation of special VIP events.

This program allows children and youth to be engaged, to feel included, and to be active in their local community; all of which are critical to human happiness.


I really enjoyed the fact that we were outside off a Electronics and had a mission. My kids had a great time thank you

Amazing fun! Great family activity! Really got our creative juices going! Time flew by we were shocked to be at the end!

Fantastic activity that provided everything you needed for an at home adventure. The 3 hours flew by so quickly & the kids (ages 5 - 13) were engaged for the full time frame.

How you can help

Donate Tickets

Do you want to send a child or youth to their first hockey game? Donate tickets today!

Donate Money

If you wish to donate directly to this program, contact our office and let us know!