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Do you miss the sound of a live concert? 

We’ve got you covered.

Volvo of Edmonton presents Music on the Move – a Kids Up Front fundraising initiative that brings the live concert experience to YOU! It is as simple as choosing a package, booking a date and time, spreading the word, and enjoying the tunes.

Our number one priority is safety, and we make sure that every concert is organized in compliance with all local health regulations. These are socially distanced concerts!

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Street Concert Package
$50+ per person

Want to bring some fun to the neighbourhood? Book a street concert and invite your neighbours to pull up a chair.

1 45-minute music set with a local artist

The total cost of the concert is $500, and can easily be split among you and your neighbours for an individual price as low as $50.

Summer Backyard Concert Package $67+ per person

Want to step it up a notch? Say hello to the perfect summer evening with up to 15 guests of your choosing.

1 45 minute music set with a local artist
Catered snacks (individually wrapped)
Delicious drinks (alc. and non-alc.)

The total cost of the concert is $1000, and can easily be split among you and your guests for an individual price as low as $67.

VIP Concert Package
$84+ per person

This is the ultimate experience. Wine and dine up to 24 guests in your backyard, your open office, you name it.

2 45-minute music sets with local artists
Catered meals (individually wrapped)
Delicious drinks (alc. and non-alc.)

The total cost of the concert is $2000, and can easily be split among you and your guests for an individual price as low as $84.

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Our Performers

Danny Floyd Cole
Danny Floyd Cole
Music on the Move Performer
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose
Music on the Move Performer
Roya Yazdanmehr
Roya Yazdanmehr
Music on the Move Performer
Music on the Move Performer


Why are you putting on these concerts?

Music on the Move concerts are a Kids Up Front’s fundraising initiative, inspired by our organization’s mission: to provide children and youth with access to enriching experiences. We wanted to create an initiative that captures the same kind of experience and access we provide to our city’s children and youth throughout our programming. This IS a fundraiser, so it should be expected that donations will be offered at each of the concerts.

How much does a Music on the Move concert cost?

Depends on your package! Prices vary, so please contact Daryn at [email protected].

How long are the concerts?

Performances are at-least 45 minutes long, and we are normally on location for an hour, including set up and tear down. These times may vary depending on the package selected.

What do I need to host a concert?

All we need from you is 1) a power outlet so that we can plug in the equipment, and 2) your help spreading the word about the concert.

We’ll need your help distributing concert flyers to all of your neighbours or backyard concert guests.

What if it rains on the day of my concert?

If there is unexpected rain on the day of your concert, we can make alternate arrangements that suit your needs.

Are these bookings a fundraiser?

Yes! The funds from these bookings go directly to sponsoring programming for deserving kids around the Edmonton area.

Can I invite friends and family from nearby?

For the street concerts, we do not encourage this. These concerts are intended for you to enjoy alongside your neighbours, from your own home, on your front yard or in your driveway. If you’d like to spend the concert with friends and family, the summer backyard concert package might be a better fit for you! During any concert, Alberta Health guidelines MUST be followed to ensure everyone’s safety

Who is performing the concerts?

There are multiple performers involved in this project and who will perform at your concert will depend on the performers’ availability. For specific inquiries, please contact us.

Can I (or a friend) perform for the concerts?

We’re open to connecting with you! Through this initiative, we aim to be supportive of emerging and established artists. For more information and/or to be considered as a performer, please contact Daryn at [email protected].

What safety measures are in place?

All concerts are designed to be in compliance with the current AHS regulations and recommendations. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available at all concerts, though you are welcome to bring your own! Plexiglas will be placed in front of performers and/or performers will be wearing masks.


What other people are saying

Thanks to Olivia and Kids Up Front Edmonton for the experience. None of us will ever forget it. Who knew helping kids could be so fun? If you're planning an event I highly recommend you call them. You're going to end up looking like a rockstar...

What a night!! A great time had by all.

BradConcert Host

This concert was the perfect opportunity to experience what we are all missing right now - live music! Thank you Kids Up Front



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More about Kids Up Front


Before COVID-19, Kids Up Front Edmonton was best known for its program Tix for Kids – providing deserving children, youth and families with access to hockey games, theatre performances and once-in-a-lifetime concerts. With major events cancelled, Kids Up Front Edmonton has pivoted its programming to meet the needs of the moment while keeping true to our vision – and initiatives like Music on the Move are part of that change.
We believe in the importance of kids having healthy, fun-filled childhoods.
The access we provide for kids to experience arts, culture, sports and recreation has numerous benefits. These experiences can be a place for kids to develop and grow, for families to forget life’s troubles and come closer together… Ultimately, these experiences can be life-changing and can lead to safe and vibrant communities in the long term.

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