Thank You Thursday: Pikkardiys’ka Tertsia

Please pass the ticket donor a world of thanks from Zackary and I.  We really enjoyed the show.  Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect as this was an international group from Ukraine.  It was absolutely spectacular.  Pikkardiys’ka Tertsia is really amazing to see.  Couldn’t believe how they belted out the tunes without any instruments (well, besides the tambourine and shaker).  All the different music choices they performed (old country music from Ukraine, old rock’n roll tunes and some newer ones as well).  They did Luciano Pavarotti proud by singing ‘O sole mio.  They were marvelous.  it’s one of the best international groups Zack and I have seen in concert.  Without the ticket donor we would have not been able to enjoy such an amazing show.  If they were part of bringing them here to Canada I hope they bring them back.  It would be awesome for my Baba and my mom to see.