Kids on the Road

The Kids on the Road program was founded in 2010 in partnership with the Family CentreThe trips are four-days in duration and are chaperoned by Family Centre professional success coaches who work yearlong with high risk kids between 13 and 18 years old attending schools in our community. The road trip creates opportunities for vulnerable kids to experience the “wonders of the Canadian west” and life outside their local neighbourhood while gaining an appreciation and understanding of all that Alberta has to offer; such as the pristine environment and rich history and culture.  Kids on the Road will drive these kids to dream, discover and see possibilities while at the same time teaching kids important social and life skills; respect, responsibility peer-to peer relationships building, team work, food preparation and outdoor living.

Kids on the Road participants have said:

“I learned more about First Nation’s culture, stuff you wouldn’t read in text books and it was neat sleeping in a tee pee.”

It helped me to make new friends and not be shy.”

Participants had a positive experience! Based on the 2014 survey:

  • 93% went to places that they had never seen
  • 100% formed friendships that may not have existed otherwise
  • 62% tour was an opportunity that they would not have access to
  • 76% an experience that I never experienced before
  • 83% more hopeful and optimistic about the future
  • 66% family relationships have been better

Kids on the Road is made possible by the generosity of our supporters and donors. Casino gaming funds are used to provide these programs to youth. We continue to seek corporate sponsorship for this program. Please contact


"The kids feel: 'I do fit here, I’m part of society, I’m part of community.' They have something to talk about with peers when they come back from the weekend. It’s about normalizing things for kids."

– Agency Representative
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