Kings Of Leon Contest Winner

Big congratulations to our friends over at Meewasin Youth Centre for their winning entry in the Kings of Leon ticket giveaway contest. We had some really great entries, but we loved the group effort on this as a team-building initiative. Can’t wait to hear how they decide who gets the tickets….

Hello, we are the music class from Onion Lake, SK. We are in a music group in our high school and we just started this year, we learned a lot things with different instruments. We did a show for our school and it was scary at first but we got used to it and were going to be doing another show pretty soon. I always look forward to music classes, it’s always fun with our teacher Ms. McClure.

We decided to apply as a class so if we win the tickets we can decide who would go, it would be an awesome experience for us to go and see the concert. Maybe one day we will be up there singing for everybody and make our community proud of us.

Hope we win…
Thank you.