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Can I direct my tickets to a specific Agency?

Yes. Click here to see Kids Up Front’s Agency partners and indicate which Agency you wish to support at the time you make your ticket donation. If your intended recipient does not appear, please email info@kidsupfrontedmonton.com

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How do I know my tickets are being used by a child or youth?

Kids Up Front Agency Partners sign an Agreement where they agree to strictly abide by Kids Up Front policies that state the tickets MUST be used by eligible child or youth and a suitable adult chaperone. Additionally, Kids Up Front performs random checks.

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Who supervises the child?

A suitable adult selected by the Agency supervises the child. Generally, the adult is a youth program coordinator, mentor, volunteer, parent or caregiver.

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Do you accept cash donations?

Yes. Kids Up Front does not charge Agency partners to participate in the Tix for Kids Program; nor do ticket donors pay a convenience fee. Kids Up Front relies on the generosity of the community through cash donations and sponsorships to fund the administration of the Kids Up Front’s Tix for Kids Program to keep it FREE and to deliver the program in a manner that is low cost and high value.

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Is Kids Up Front a registered Charity?

Yes. Kids Up Front Foundation (Edmonton) is a registered charity (88212 5008 RR0001) and complies with Imagine Canada’s Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code.

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Who uses my tickets?

Children, youth (up to 18 years old) and families are selected by Kids Up Front approved Agency partners through which the child, youth or family is receiving support services. Kids Up Front policies and guidelines are in place and agreed upon by the Agency partners to ensure donated tickets are used as intended to benefit families in need in our community. Allocation policies are also in place to ensure that donated event opportunities are broadly distributed to maximize the impact for kids and families.

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How late can I drop off tickets?

4 pm Monday through Friday at Kingsway Business Centre Reception. SAME DAY event 2 pm. SAT/SUN event FRIDAY by 2 pm. or for special arrangements contact info@kidupfrontedmontom.com.
Can I email tickets?
Yes. E-Tickets can be sent via your Ticketmaster, Edmonton Eskimos or Edmonton Oilers account managers to info@kidsupfrontedmonton.com

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Can my paper tickets be picked up?

Generally, Kids Up Front asks donors to mail, drop-off, or courier paper tickets to our office located in the Kingsway Business Centre, 11810 Kingsway Avenue (next to the Ramada Hotel). If you are unable to get the paper tickets to us, email info@kidsupfrontedmonton.com and we will make every effort to accommodate the receipt of your tickets.

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Can I donate tickets on the weekend?

Yes. Kids Up Front can accept tickets at the KUF office up to 2 pm on Friday for a weekend event. After 2 pm Kids Up Front can accept e-tickets by contacting info@kidsupfrontedmonton.com and possibly paper tickets if special arrangements for delivery can be made before the event starts.
Kids Up Front does not operate office hours during the evenings or on weekends, therefore; we appreciate having the tickets by 2 pm on Friday for weekend events, if possible, to give us time to make arrangements on behalf of the kids that will ultimately participate.

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Can I donate tickets for a same day event?

Yes. Kids Up Front requires notice of the donation by 2 pm for evening events. This provides sufficient time for Kids Up Front and the partner agency to select a child or youth and coordinate logistics on their behalf.  Kids Up Front may be able to accommodate the acceptance of e-tickets after the 2 pm cut off time if special arrangements can be made by contacting info@kidsupfrontedmonton.com. or 780-409-2632.

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Can I get a charitable tax receipt for my ticket donation?

Yes. If you are the owner of the tickets, you qualify for a charitable tax receipt for the face value of the ticket (GST and convenience fees are not included in that value and will not be reflected in your tax receipt). Tickets must be accompanied by a valid proof of purchase.

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What kinds of tickets do you accept?

Any kid-friendly arts, sports or entertainment event tickets or admission passes can be donated to Kids Up Front. If the donated tickets are for an adult oriented event, Kids Up Front will make every effort to gift your tickets to a suitable adult that fits within Kids Up Front’s giving guidelines such as a parent or caregiver of child ticket recipient, young adult, volunteer, single parent.

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"The kids feel: 'I do fit here, I’m part of society, I’m part of community.' They have something to talk about with peers when they come back from the weekend. It’s about normalizing things for kids."

– Agency Representative
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